Hi Ya'll

I am proud to be a native Nashvillian - I believe Nashville is the best city in the world, full of rich history, music, art, amazing food and some sweet southern hospitality. 

I have spent the last 5 years helping companies grow their social media, managing their websites and creating brand related marketing pieces. I love to paint and own a small business called Whistle Punk Men's Grooming with my husband Michael. 

I believe in living life intentionally and continuing to grow every day to create an adventurous, beautiful life. 

I love to take pictures, paint, hang out with my girlfriends and spend time with my man.  Give me coffee and layered donuts and I'll be your best friend! 

Why "Local Taylor"? 

My maiden name is Taylor.  Also, it was my mom's maiden name and my dad's last name.  So both sides of family are Taylor's (and not in some creepy way).  I'm proud of my family heritage, our local roots and in my heart I will always be Vicky Taylor.