8 Tips to Beat the Winter Blues

Let me be honest with you.  I pretty much hate winter.  It only takes a couple weeks of cold, dark days where my usual glittery, happy self fades into a grumpy, easily irritated woman that Spring, Summer and Fall Vicky can hardly recognize. 


Seasonal Affective Disorder is real. As I have gotten older my disdain for winter has only grown. It seems that no matter how cheerful I am leading up to winter, it hits me. I am not helpless though and I have found a few things that help me to cope and (mostly) beat the winter blues. 

1. Move - No, I don't mean packing up your house.  I mean, get moving.  Do some physical activity, walk, dance...do something.  Working out can be a huge mood lifter! 

2. Load up on Vitamin D.  When I start feeling my winter grump come on, I start taking a Vitamin D supplement and within a week or two I seem to start feeling more normal. Also, soak up every minute of sunshine you can!  It just takes 10 minutes of sunlight to get a full dose of Vitamin D...so bundle up and get out in the sun every chance you get. 

3. Treat yourself. I find that on days that I am really struggling, it lifts my mood to treat myself to a Caramel Macchiato, something glittery, a pedicure or even some flowers. Doing nice things for yourself is a great way to beat the blues! 

4. Eat healthy. When I am battling the winter blues, it really helps if pay attention to what I am eating.  A yummy, healthy salad is both good for the body and gives me a boost mentally knowing I am doing something to take care of myself. 

5. Spend time with friends. Make time to have fun and relax with friends.  You may find yourself having so much fun you forget it's cold and dark outside!  I know for me it's an instant mood lifter. 

6. Get out of town. Plan a little getaway.  My personal preference is to visit someplace warm, sunny and tropical during the winter months but a change of scenery wherever you find it is good for the soul! 

7. Use Scents. There are 2 scents that instantly lift my spirits when I am feeling blue. Bergamont and Peppermint.  I rub a couple drops of these essential oils on my wrists and feel myself perk up almost instantly. 

8. Remember this is only a season. This too shall pass and Spring, Summer, and Fall are coming again.  Better, sunnier days are ahead!! 

So there are some of my go-to's to beat the winter blues.  Do you struggle in the winter too? What are some things you do to cope?