Top 10 iPhone Apps

Who doesn't love a good app?!  I mean, what good would having a iPhone be without the all important apps we love. I have a handful of apps i just wouldn't want to live without.  They make life easier, prettier or just more fun. 


I use Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest every day and I feel like they are iPhone basics so I have not included them in this list. 

Here are our top 10 in no particular order: 

1. Party! Party! by A Beautiful Mess - I was instantly obsessed with this app when it came out.  It makes .gif's and stop motion videos that are entirely too much fun and addictive to make. 

2. Timehop - I love getting to see what happened on this day as far back as my social media goes!  It's so fun. 

3. Fitbit - I love tracking my steps and I am so motivated by challenges with friends.  Do you have a Fitbit?  Let's be friends!  

4. Michael's (Store) - I love this app because of the coupons.  I regularly save 40% on one item or 20% on my entire purchase with the coupons in this app!  So great! 

5. Ticket to Ride Pocket - I love this board game and the app is just as fun.  Plus you can play with friends near or far away.  I also have to mention that I am pretty good at this game and that my husband and I play all the time (we bet .50 a game) and I might have just cashed out $5!! 

6. FMC App (or the Pinwheel App as I like to call it) - This tracks your monthly cycle and ovulation.  It's easy to use and it's so nice getting a little notification (of your choice) a couple days before, alerting you of your upcoming visit from Aunt Flo. 

And the rest are my favorite iPhone photography apps!  Cause who doesn't love a little iPhone photo editing?!

7. VSCOcam - I LOVE these filters and the editing capabilities. TI is my favorite filter on the App.

8. Whitagram - I use this one ALL the time.  It adds a white background (or any other color of your choice) so you don't have to crop photos for instagram.  Easy to use!  

9. Diptic - Sleek app for making photo collages on your phone. Fully customizable frames and LOTS of options. 

10 iSNAPZ Remote - This is not just an app but a tiny remote you can buy (with a phone stand) to snap selfies hands free!  I love this!  Works great for taking group photos or snapping a non- selfie looking selfie! And it's super affordable! 

I hope you found this list useful and possibly discovered something new today.