No Fooling - Free Wallpaper and Backgrounds for April

Normally, I am not the biggest fan of April because I prefer sunshine over rain.  BUT this April, I am just so happy that winter is over that I am happy for rainy days between the sunshine.  I mean, let's face it...rain gives life.  It nourishes the ground and provides us life in both food and drink.  It's important.  And just like physical rain is essential, in our lives seasons of rain (pain, hurt, grief, growing) are essential too.  They make us stronger, the teach us and if we allow them, they bring us life and refreshing after the downpour.  

As a reminder for all the rainy days this month, however they find you, I created a few wallpaper/backgrounds for your computer, phones or tablets to help you find the beauty in the day. 

Download "April Showers" here

Download April Calendar here

Download "You are enough" here. 

I hope you enjoy friends! - Vicky