Why I Dumped Over Half of My Wardrobe

Over the last month, I have broken up with over half of my wardrobe. Why, you ask? Great question. 

A few months ago, I heard about "Capsule Wardrobes".   After reading about what exactly a capsule wardrobe was, I was definitely NOT interested.  (Read all about capsule wardrobes here) I have always loved clothes, I have always loved shopping....why in the WORLD would I want to limit myself to just 37 pieces of clothing a season??

I dismissed the thought of this being something that was for me and went on about my day. Problem was, the idea didn't leave me.  Thoughts about minimizing my wardrobe started to creep in frequently.  

"Why not me?"

"What could i have to lose?" 

"What if it was liberating?"

I began asking myself tough questions about why I needed all the clothes.  And I got some answers that were somewhat unexpected. 

You see, in the process, I realized that I have used clothing to fill an insecure place in my life.  I realized that I kept looking for just the right article of clothing that would make me feel beautiful and ultimately, I was hoping an article of clothing would give me the healthy body that I long for. Guess what, in 32 years, I haven't found one single article of clothing that could fill my deepest longings to feel beautiful or that could make me choose to create the healthy me I wanted.  I found clothes I enjoyed but after the high of the purchase, I was the same Vicky looking back at me in the mirror. 

Maybe you too have experienced the ache to feel _______, followed by a type of frenzy, searching for the item to calm the ache, and SCORE - FOUND, "ahhhh.....I'm good".  Then the next day, "I have nothing to wear (that makes me feel beautiful)"....the vicious cycle continues. 

That has been my reality.....the ache and my constant striving to fill that little monster with another piece of clothing. 

BUT let me tell you something - I FEEL SO LIBERATED!  Dumping over half my wardrobe and setting some guidelines for myself is exciting and freeing (and a little scary). But now, I have pieces I really enjoy wearing and only those pieces so it eliminates the stress of figuring out what to wear.  Also, I will only shop for clothing one month before the next capsule season, so I eliminate impulse buying to fill some need.  It's a win for so many reasons. 

This capsule wardrobe thing is helping me to dig in to what I really need and I am learning that I need to address the real need vs. the nagging aches.  I'm learning, and dumping over half of my wardrobe is teaching me so many valuable lessons. 

I already feel so much lighter!