3 ways to fight negativity

This is a guest post from my gal Diana at Tennessee Pretty.

Sorry folks, this may come as a surprise to you and I hate to ruin your day, but if you're living each day allowing your mind to be filled with negativity, its your fault. I can say this confidently because I am a professional negative person. Whether it's negative self-talk (my personal favorite) or the ever popular, "it's not my fault that nothing around me is working" victim mentality, guess what? You're creating your own misery.


There are about a million trillion different negative thoughts that can go through our mind each day but how do we stop them?

1. Celebrate the small victories. A dear dear friend of mine said this on our women's retreat this past weekend and it's so important. It's really easy to think that everything sucks and nothing is working out when I forget to think about the small wins.

A good way to do this is to keep a journal. I've just recently started doing this and there's something to be said about writing things down.

2. Be grateful. Gratitude is the best anecdote to negativity.

Next time a negative thought pops in, replace it with a grateful one.

For instance, "my thighs are huge and I hate them!", "I'm so thankful that my legs give me the endurance to workout on the elliptical for an hour so I can watch the latest Kardashian's episode in the gym since we don't have cable."

3. Stop comparing! This is the hardest thing for me to do and it's going to take practice. But if we're all really honest with ourselves and each other, we're all a mess. Even though our instagrams look perfect, there's a pile of dirty laundry somewhere and a kitchen sink that needs scrubbed. We are each unique and beautiful and we all have something special about us that no one else has and I think that's awesome.