Hello. Goodbye. | Glance Back. Reach Forward.

I don't know about you, but I couldn't be more excited for a new year, a clean slate, some new goals and new adventures. 

In all honesty, 2016 was pretty good to me.  I started a new job, met some great people, gained a new level of appreciation for who I am, attended some kick ass concerts (Justin Beiber, Beyonce & ADELE!!), went to Vegas, joined a dinner club, shared SO many amazing meals and laughs with friends, drank a lot of coffee, cried over the election, cried over family moving away, danced the night away more than once, went kayaking, lost 20 pounds, laughed a million laughs with my man....looking back it was beautiful and full and I am so thankful for this life I get to live. 

I didn't set any specific goals for 2016 because I wanted to see what would happen organically - and I am not at all dissatisfied with how it shook out. That said - I am excited to set a few goals this year and set some intentions for 2017. 

Here is what I am thinking: 

1. Take better care of myself.  This includes eating better, being more active, taking time to rest, etc. 

2. Work Hard. I am going to continue to develop my marketing, creative skills and create great content. 

3. Love Deeper. I want to invest more time in those I love this year. Dig deeper, love harder, share my heart more. 

4. Be a better Human. Inspired by our First Lady, Michelle Obama, "we they go low, we go high", I want to daily find ways to give more love and kindness to the world.

5. Embrace Fearlessness. This might be the most difficult for me as I consider myself to be a relatively fearful person as it relates to being very aware of my mortality. But, I want to choose to be fearless, to embrace risk, to embrace fun and push past some of the fear I have held so close. 

What excites me most about these goals is that they are all so close to my heart and it doesn't feel like "work" to set intentions in these areas. 

What about you?  What are you hoping for in 2017? What do you want to create?