An (Un)Desirable Detour

Sometimes life throws major detours in our plans.  Last year, I thought I was at the top of my game career wise with a great resume, great opportunities and work that I loved.  I left a great job for what I thought would be a dream job (not the dream I had in mind but I thought it would be a lot of fun)...Fashion Industry...Marketing...Creativity, all things I love.  I was so excited. Fast forward three weeks later when the new "dream" job abruptly ended with a layoff.  I was so upset.  

I took a risk and it had landed me on a path that made no sense to me.

I got a new job pretty quickly working in retail (which felt like a step down from my cushy corporate job).  It was humbling and I felt a bit lost.  "Here I am at 32 years old starting over".  It didn't make any sense.  

That detour was painful at the time, but today, from where I stand, it's starting to be so much more clear. That retail job has given me incredible business experience for running a small business. The hours gave me the chance to take a leap starting a new company with my husband on the side and I am now picking up some incredible freelance opportunities that are allowing me to work from work for myself, which has been my BIG dream for as long as I can remember. Without the detour, I wouldn't be where I am today.  The detour that could have been completely crippling has turned out to be a blessing. Because today, I am looking at really living my deepest desires and the view from here is amazing.  

Don't despise the detours friends...they just might lead to the greatest adventures! 

Much Love,