We Are the Diamonds + Free Download

"In the wake of every heartache
In the depth of every fear
There were diamonds, diamonds
Waiting to break out of here."

Music is moving.  The lyrics of a song can put into words feelings that you just haven't been able to speak.  Songs can move you to action.  They can refresh your soul and ignite hope. 

"Diamonds" by Johnnyswim, is one such song.   During the last season, I was feeling beaten down, like a failure and unsure about where my journey was taking me or if I was going to like the destination.  I was tempted to believe that I wasn't enough and that I had really made a mess of things career wise.  Insert this song on my way to the grocery store one rainy Sunday afternoon. It spoke healing to my heart and caused bravery and hope to rise up.  I wanted to share it with you. 


I hope these lyrics sink down deep in your heart and that you would rise up out of any dust in your life.  

I created a couple phone/desktop background downloads to remind you that "We are the diamonds". 

Download desktop version here

Download mobile version here

Download desktop version here.

Download mobile version here. 

Much love friends! - Vicky