Write a Better Story

Last night, Jessica, Diana and I sat around Jessica's living room and talked about the blog, talked about life, faith, friendships.  It's in moments like these that I am able to see past the day to day existence and see the real depth and beauty that this life has to offer. It's in these moments I indulge my longing to live a great adventure to not just exist but to live with intentionality and embrace each day for the simple (and some days extravagant) beauty it contains. 

As we talked about this blog, we realized that we can write a better story.  Both with our daily lives and in this space.  We all want that.  We want to tell the story a little differently than we have been.  We are going to reach deep and try some new things here.  We hope it resonates with you and more importantly we hope it inspires you to write a better story with your own life.

As we make a move forward into a new season and new level of vulnerability, we are going to scale back our posts to 3 a week.  We all believe in simplicity and honesty and we want to live those values in our daily lives and in this space. To fully embrace that, we feel that we need to scale back on quantity of content (though we plan to indulge in quality of content). So starting next week we will post on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.  

We hope you will join us as we work to write a better story. 

Much love - Vicky