Confession: I Thought Moms Were Whiny

There I said it.  I thought Moms we're whiny, parenting couldn't be that hard  - and seriously, is WINE really that necessary?!

I am sorry! Sincerely. SO. VERY. SORRY. 

Michael and I have been taking care of my 3-year-old niece for the last 7 weeks and I have an entirely new perspective and RESPECT for every single mom out there.  Parenting is NO JOKE, but you already know that. You hustle. You wipe noses.  You make lunch. You clean the house. You work. You plan surprises.  You "are mean". You clean the house.  You don't sleep.  You wash laundry.  You watch cartoons and listen to Disney songs.  You make crafts. You go to the park. AND you still manage to take a shower, get dressed and be kind?!  You are my heroes!  

This 7-week-in pseudo mom, gets it!!  Parenting is exhausting (as well as incredibly rewarding)! I just want to give you a shout out - because lady, you are AMAZING!!  I am proud of you, thankful for you and have mad respect for you. 

Now, go pour yourself a glass of wine.  YOU DESERVE IT!